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The Amazing Tile and Glass Cutter™ Left Handed Pink Handles

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Scoring and cutting glass and tile has never been this quick and easy.

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Regular Price: $49.95

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Introducing the original Amazing Tile & Glass Cutter™.

Invented, patented & made in Great Britain since 1971. All others are mere imitations.




Watch our demonstration video!

An honest and candid look at The Amazing Tile & glass Cutter™.




Unparalleled quality.
Designed for cutting.
Guaranteed for life.

We utilize an all metal design featuring an extremely durable spring steel body and a special aluminum alloy breaker head.

Using the hardest possible tungsten carbide cutting wheel, you can now easily score and cut Ceramic, Quarry, and most Porcelain tiles. Even glass!

We are the manufacturer of these tools and we build them to survive just about anything. You manage to break it? We replace it.


The strength of Tungsten Carbide.


Using some of the highest quality Tungsten Carbide on the market, we have created a cutting wheel capable of cutting the most difficult of materials. This includes Ceramic, Quarry, and even most Porcelain tiles. The Amazing Tile and Glass Cutter™ is also designed to easily cut glass, mirror glass, and especially stained glass!

The cutting wheel is not sharp but rather relies on the strength and power of Tungsten Carbide to cut glass and tile. This means your wheel will last a very long time.

If you keep your cutting wheel regularly oiled, 1 wheel is capable of tiling every room of an entire 3000 square foot home! This equates to at least 500-1000 cuts.

When the time comes to replace the cutting wheel, you simply replace it by loosening a single nut. It takes less than a minute to do and we always carry replacement nuts in stock if needed.


Aluminum Alloy Breaker.


You've got a project to accomplish and don't have time to deal with broken tools. The Amazing Tile and Glass Cutter™ is equipped with a special aluminum alloy breaker head which ensures the highest durability while maintaining maximum performance.

The breaker head (aka The Anvil), is an essential part of this tool's durability. After scoring the glass or tile with the Tungsten Carbide wheel, the breaker head will be used to break the tile or glass along the line you just cut.

With this special aluminum alloy breaker, you can score and break most Porcelain tiles and up to 1/2" thick Quarry tiles!

Beware of cheap plastic imitations, they break on even the simplest tiles!


Cutting as straight as a wet saw without the mess.


Although a wet saw may be required to cut certain types of materials, you can now cut the majority of glass and tile cheaper and more efficiently than ever before. You can also enjoy the same straight cuts as a wet saw by cutting a long a straight edge.

Unlike cheap imitations, The Amazing Tile and Glass Cutter is design with minimum spacing enabling you to score right along the side of a straight edge creating near perfect cuts.

It's the Best Tile and Glass Cutter Available, If you only Cut 1 Piece of Glass in your entire life it will pay for itself the first time you use it.



Adjustable head.


Not only is The Amazing Glass and Tile Cutter™ designed to cut thicker tiles, it also incorporates an adjustable head for cutting and breaking very thin glass.

This is a fantastic feature if you plan on working a lot with thin profile glass projects.

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